This is My Story

  I grew up in South Dakota, and went to school there most of my young life. In the late 60’s and 70’s going to school in the Dakotas was an experience, especially if you got into History. Almost every week we had a field trip into the Bad Lands or to one of the Reservations. Wounded Knee was my favorite by far. As a young teen pictures were the hit. My mother was and is a big fan of the Native Americans as well, so I guess I have been around the Native Americans for a very long time. My only regret is that, I wished I had paid more attention to my surroundings.
  In the late 70’s my father retired from the Air Force and we moved to Idaho. My father loved the out doors and thought the hunting and fishing would be better. I didn't understand at the time but that is what he wanted. I always felt the hunting and fishing were equal in the Dakotas. I guess father knows best.
  I grew to love and appreciate Idaho. There is just as much History here as in the Dakotas.
  In the late 70’s I met my husband who is one half Native American. Around the early 80’s I was working as a bar-back in Caldwell. And there I met a man who was having a few and doodling on a drawing tablet. So I began talking with him as I was doing some clean-up work, we talked about art mostly and he gave me a few pointers on drawing. Trees. I will never forget that, still use that same technique today when I draw.
  I was facstinated by the way he was drawing. Upside down. He was drawing and telling me how he was able to do so, and gave me three pictures. Waterflower is his name and he claims to be a Great Grandson of the Great Nay+Pair+Say Indian Chief Joseph. I never saw him after that. I would very much like to see this man again and talk with him more. This time I would like to hear his stories. I would like to be able to tell them to others, as I'm sure he does. As I have heard stories from others and their encounters and they have found there vision and purpose in life. I find that my visions are to be a Story Teller and Teacher, this is what the Great Mystery has been telling me all my life. When I look back I can see my path. It was a lesson, a hard lesson that I learned well, now I use my past as a story to teach.


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