Native American Readings

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  The Native Americans lived in a world of spirits who made their presence known primarily through natural phenomena. Native Americans believe in a Great Mystery or a Great Spirit that under lays the complexity of all existence, as well as in many other spiritual powers that influenced the whole of life.

  At time of crisis, Native Americans turned to powerful spirits to acknowledge their dependence on these spirits and to seek help. Such crisis includes drought and disease, and their present and future personal well being. Each Tribal group conceived of the spirit world in its own particular way and there were variations of belief and ritual practice within each community.

  The Native Americans have designed several tools to assist us in their ways of Rituals and Ceremonies. Many of us walk in a maze, never knowing where we will end up. Some of us have the courage to seek out the answers and get back on the right path. These tools will explain the many paths the Native Americans would take and why. They tell us the difference between the Four Directions and the Initiation Path. The cards will give you some history on their ways of life and some of the ceremonies. They will assist you in finding your Birth Animal Totem and other Totems. This will teach you how to call for the Spirit Animal, it will also teach you how to ask the Ancient Ones for guidance on your path. The cards will also teach you the difference between a Sweat Lodge, Moon Lodge and a Sun Lodge. The cards will start you on a journey of your life and help you with Dream Time and Vision Quest.

  The Native Americans will teach us the beauty of life and all living things. The Trees and Plants, the Two Legged, the Four Legged the Stone People, the Water and the life within it and all creatures. The teachings will teach you how to be aware of your surroundings and to stay grounded and balanced. They will teach us about Counting Coup and the Piece Pipe, as well as the men, women and children. The tools will teach and assist you in finding your true inner self. Finding the peace and tranquility we all yearn for. They will take you places that your imagination would never have thought possible. They will take you to far and beautiful places where you can actually see yourself, dancing in grassy meadows or taking a walk with your Spirit Animal Totem. These tools and teachings are given to us as a gift from our Brothers and Sisters to help us get back in touch with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

  Lets face it, more and more of us are desperately trying to get back to the basics of life. We are now using Herbs for healing and well-being as well as the Stones and Crystals. We are learning how to make soaps, tonics and teas. We are learning how to live off of Mother Earth and use everything she has to offer. We are also learning how to make beautiful jewelry, paintings and crafts, giving them as gifts or giving them to yourself. Like sitting on a window sill and watching it snow, what better way of life could you ask for! The ways of life are not how much money you have, or to prove you are a better person than someone else, but what is in your life that makes you rich.

  Come with me and take the first steps of your journey on the Red Road.

  Hello, my name is Ladyhawk. I chose my name because the Red Tail Hawk is my chosen Totem and I like to believe that I am a lady. My Birth Totem is the Deer and I was given the Snake as a Totem, which is also my lesson in life. I, like most of you, have been walking in that maze most of my life. It has taken most of that time to find my path and I owe it all to a very special person who will always be a soul mate. She came over one day and was so excited about a new discovery, the Native American Cards. She wanted to do a Spread for me, so we sat down and did the spread. I was truly terrified when I chose the Kokopelli card, because the inscription read (Birth / Rebirth). Here I was 35 almost 36, no way did I want another child. My friend kept telling me don't worry, it could mean rebirth of a new job or rebirth of a new life. She was right, a few days later my son and his girl friend came for a visit and the news they brought with them was a shock. They explained how I was going to be a Grandmother, well I was not ready for that either. I did get a new job as well. The job leads me to where I am at today. I met my now boyfriend of four years. I have experienced the true meaning of love. He is very supportive in my work and helps when I ask.

  I started years ago with Herbs and Holistic Medicine and discovered the Native Americans. I guess there are many reasons why I got into this. My children are Native American and I wanted to learn more about their ways for the benefit of my children. The more I got into it the more I wanted. I have found my home. I've walked the maze for years and was never happy or satisfied. I was raised a Southern Baptist and had an Uncle that was a Pentecostal Preacher, been to a number of Churches and still never found what I was truly looking for, until my friend introduced me to the cards. This is where I belong. Come join me in this beautiful life and find your Rebirth.


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